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Rates are $40 an hour including use of all gear, engineering and producing.


Song rates start at $600 for fully a produced track with programed drums and go up from there depending on instrumentation.


Real drums add $300 per song.


Mixing and mastering $300 per song.


Basic CD art design $40 hr.


I can teach you to Demo your own songs@ $40h

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Mac Pro tower
Logic Pro 9
Digital Performer 7
Hafler power amp with Tannoy system 8 speakers
Apogee Rosetta conversion and Motu 2408
Avalon 737 mic pre/compressor
Brent Averill Neve 1272 stereo mic pre.
2 Neve 33115 mic pre with EQ
Demeter H-series 2 ch Mic pre.
Mohog Mofet76 limiting amplifier/compressor
Ahpex compressor
Dbx 160A compressor
Yamaha Motif -Rack
Alesis QS8
Neumann U87
Bock audio 195
Akg 414
Beyer m160
Sennheiser 421
Audix I5
Sure 57's and 58's and more mics.
Hundreds of plugins including Waves. Lexicon autotune ect..
Komplete  Ultimate 8
RMX  fully loaded
Thousands of useful samples
Fender , divided by 13, blankenship, ampeg, vox amps and many Guitars and Basses available.

© 2013 Jonathan Hayes

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